Still shaving with plastic?... Well, drop it!

Elevate your shave
with the first 🥇
sustainable razor.

Nukka's 4-pack razors for only 3.99 euros.

“The best shaving experience you’ll find out there... without that hideous plastic that’s ruining our playground”

Nukka's 4-pack razors for only 3.99 euros.

"It's only one plastic razor

- said 5 billion people..."

From pollution to solution

Cut off the
d*mn plastic.

More than 5 billion plastic razors are tossed around the world every single year. That’s a crazy amount of plastic that will sit out there for centuries... uhg!

It’s time to eliminate that obnoxious waste from our shaving routines and take the high jump for a more eco-friendly -and still convenient- option that shaves as good but leaves no footprint.

Look good. Feel great. Make an impact.


Go from “Chewbacca” to “baby bottom” in no time and with total comfort. Take your shave to the next level and shine big.



Uncover your best self one hair at a time. Feel the energy, boost your confidence, and get ready to make a powerful impact.



Make your shave meaningful. Every time you use one of our razors you’ll be adding up to a world free of plastic waste.


The future of eco-shaving

A remarkable razor
designed for having
a meaningful shave.

Say goodbye to plastic razors forever. Nukka’s razors give you the most efficient, affordable, and sustainable shave you’ll ever find. Mixing our renowned Swedish craftsmanship with some of the best eco-friendly materials in the market allows us to guarantee you the finest performance, a killer design, and any environmental footprint.

Optimal shave

The perfect amount of Swedish stainless steel blades to cut hairs like butter.

Healthy skin

The natural aloe vera stripe helps smooth your shave and keep your skin soft.


Don't worry! Throw that corn-made cartridge in the bin. It's bio-degradable.

Natural grip

The bamboo handle feels nicely balanced in the hands and is great for our planet.

2 Blades

3 Blades

Razors that make a difference

From the sustainable materials we use to build our razors, to the crafted hands that put them together. From the company culture that we carefully molded, to the creative ways we pack and ship each razor - everything we do is meant to take good care of our people and this beautiful planet. Being sustainable is in our veins and we are gonna stand proud for that every day.

And here's where you come in

When you choose Nukka's sustainably made razors, you’re casting a vote for social and environmental responsibility, leaving your mark to save our planet, and still look pretty d*mn good.

Tons of plastic not used thanks to your Nukka bamboo razor since 2020.

75 tons *

*Based on the number of users registered, razors purchased, and average weight. Last updated on Aug, 21st.


Of course you wonder...

Here are the most asked questions we’ve got so far... but, if yours is not here just send us a DM.

How is “disposable” eco-friendly?

To the joy of all, it is! What is wrong with today's disposable razors is not the "disposable" part but the fact that they're all made out of plastic. Sure there are other alternatives to get rid of our body hair, but why drop such a convenient, cheap, and easy-to-use option. Especially when our mother nature is giving us all the clues to make it work the right way. Think on a banana skin. It's meant to be used on time and yet we can get rid of it knowing that it won't do any harm to our planet. Well, our goal is to help you do the same with your single-use razor -although it won't be tasty on the inside. Disposable can be sustainable if it's done right. Let's just get rid of the plastic.

Does this razor really have a great “cut”?

Sure thing! We allocated a lot of our focus on our blades to make sure we give you the best shave. We used high-quality Swedish stainless steel, the sharpening process is highly supervised, and you can choose how many blades feel right for your skin -2 or 3.  We also throw in a refreshing aloe vera stripe to make things even smoother. But hey! if you feel there's something to improve here please let us know. We'll be happy to hear you.

How can I properly dispose of this razor?

Let's answer this question by talking about the materials. The blades are stainless steel, so you'll probably want to put those into recycling. The corn-made cartridge and the bamboo handle are both biodegradable so, you can put those in the trash or a compost bin. Our packaging is -for now- made out of cardboard so, the recycling bin will be the best option here. We are actively looking for better materials, and updates will come as our razor evolves.

Shaving with it will actually make me powerful?

Haha, well, keep in mind this is not a radioactive razor that will magically give you superpowers. But, by using it, you will be making a huge impact -for you, for others, for the planet- and that's powerful. We are advocates for positive impact, and with you on board, we can spread the energy, empower everyone, and raise the whole world up.

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